Sécurité privée

Private security

Blue Ravens assists companies in their strategic development while ensuring the protection of the infrastructures and staff. Blue Ravens also develops systems to ensure the safety of people and their residences.

The security of companies

Assistance to companies

BLUE RAVENS assists companies in their strategic development in order to prevent exposure to risks and threats to their expansion.  BLUE RAVENS makes available to companies its capacity for precise and proactive analysis of geopolitical and geo-economic contexts.

  • Management of the country risk
  • Management of the Geopolitical analysiscountry risk
  • Cartography and understanding of networks
  • Strategies of influence
  • Design and management of watch units
  • Setting up and organisation of crisis units
  • Due diligence
  • Compliance

The security of companies

BLUE RAVENS assists companies in their international development by establishing of the security architecture indispensable to ensuring the protection of infrastructures and staff. BLUE RAVENS intervenes in such a way as to prevent all of the threats likely to affect companies at the time of their establishment abroad in an area at risk.

  • Audit and ensuring the safety and security of infrastructures
  • Safety and evacuation plans
  • Protection of the intangible assets of the company
  • Security training of expatriates
  • Psychological assessment and preparation for environments with psychological risks for company staff
  • Design and management of specific systems for the prevention of psychological risks
  • Emergency interventions following potentially traumatic events