Blue Ravens

Blue Ravens

is a partnership between a network of experts from the major security organisations of the French Government (RAID, GIGN, Special Forces) and high-level executives coming from different sectors.


The management of BLUE RAVENS

The operational management is provided by a former officer of the special forces who has 26 years of experience in airborne units including 20 years in the French External Security Department (“Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure”) (DGSE). At the head of a multidisciplinary team coming from the major security organisations of the French Government, the operational management provides expertise in public and private security throughout the world. BLUE RAVENS provides its customers with a network of qualified experts experienced in missions in areas with a difficult geopolitical environment.

The strategic management is led by an expert in project engineering, formerly a specialist in the structuring and management of projects financed by the European Union in the field of reform of security systems. The strategic management identifies for its customers the functional and technical needs and then designs and implements the project architecture, taking into account the deadlines and budgetary constraints. BLUE RAVENS develops innovative projects for its customers adapted to the specific challenges met.

The legal management consists of lawyers experienced in international law coming from international law firms with interdisciplinary legal knowledge, notably in international business law, contract law, labour law and public law. With the assistance of its international network of local correspondent lawyers, the legal management is capable of providing each of its customers, whatever its country; with a customized response legally secured under local law. BLUE RAVENS offers its customers and collaborators an optimised legal supervision at any time and in real time.

The financial management mainly consists of former administrative and finance managers, responsible for investment projects, who have worked in large private groups and investment funds. Creative and experienced in international financings, this management assists its customers in the assessment and optimisation of their needs while offering all of its collaborators throughout the world the benefit of the means necessary to carry out their mission.

BLUE RAVENS’ collaborators

Collaborators coming from different sectors contribute to increasing the skills and professionalism of BLUE RAVENS :

BLUE RAVENS calls on a team of architects which remains trained at all times in order to meet new requirements, with respect to urbanism and refurbishment as well as energy efficiency and landscaping. This team can establish the real property infrastructure necessary for the development of security activities.

BLUE RAVENS calls on highly-qualified physicians in general medicine and surgery to provide customers with specific skills related to medical treatment in situations of armed conflict and within the framework of the organisation of major events.

BLUE RAVENS calls on telecommunication specialists who have worked with the French army and national police force to propose to its institutional customers global solutions for the establishing of telecommunication infrastructures.

BLUE RAVENS’ consultants

BLUE RAVENS’ network consists of more than 450 highly-qualified and specialist experts capable of meeting all the needs for advice, training and specific services in the area of safety and security.