Blue Ravens

Blue Ravens

is a partnership between a network of experts from the major security organisations of the French Government (RAID, GIGN, Special Forces) and high-level executives coming from different sectors.

Our working method and our activities

The success of a security project is measured by its relevant and efficient management.

BLUE RAVENS identifies the needs precisely. The feasibility of a project requires an exhaustive assessment not only of the purpose of the request but also of the geopolitical and geo-economic context.

BLUE RAVENS designs the projects. The relevance of the action requires a detailed formulation of the objectives to achieve, of the identity of the beneficiaries, of the role of the various players and, above all, of the description of the activities to carry out.

BLUE RAVENS implements the action. The success of the different sequences of a project depends on proactive global coordination to ensure the mobilisation and the management of human and technical resources, the carrying out of the activities with their careful monitoring and the capacity to show adaptability and responsiveness in the face of unexpected events.