Additional competencies

Blue Ravens is developing additional activities in the property, medical and telecommunications sectors through its network of high level collaborators. Blue Ravens thus proposes the creation of training centres and the possibility or having property structures that are adapted to security activities.

Emergency surgery and medicine

Medical management in situations of armed conflict and in the framework of major events

BLUE RAVENS calls on French surgeons and doctors of international renown to intervene or conduct medical, surgical and organisational training in specific areas related to situations of armed conflict and the organisation of major events.

  • Mobilisation of highly-qualified practitioners.
  • Training in surgery specific to the treatment of serious wounds.
  • Training in the setting-up of field hospitals.
  • Audit of and advice in the design of a medical system for the organisation of a major event.

First aid training

BLUE RAVENS calls on specialists in emergency medicine to transfer first aid skills  to internal security forces and to private structures.

  • Training of rescue and first aid workers of the internal security forces.
  • Training in the setting-up and use of automated external defibrillators.