Blue Ravens

BLUE RAVENS is a partnership between a network of experts from the major security organisations of the French Government (RAID, GIGN, Special Forces) and high-level executives coming from different sectors.

Public security

Blue Ravens assists government services in the development of their capabilities to protect public order and strengthen the rule of law. To achieve this objective, Blue Ravens provides the theoretical and practical training of the internal security forces and implement the protection of public infrastructures.

Major events

Blue Ravens provides its support to governmental or private structures in the organisation of major sporting, cultural and professional events.

Private security

Blue Ravens assists companies in their strategic development while ensuring the protection of the infrastructures and staff. Blue Ravens also develops systems to ensure the safety of people and their residences.

Additional competencies

Blue Ravens is developing additional activities in the property, medical and telecommunications sectors through its network of high level collaborators. Blue Ravens thus proposes the creation of training centres...

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